When reinstallation is required?

When TACACSGUI gets new interesting libraries, plugins or frameworks it requires web interface reinstallation.

How does it impact the system?

Reinstallation process does not touch a work of a daemon and the daemon will work without any changes, until you click on Apply button in new version.

What should I to do?

  1. Move to home, delete old data (if it is) and download latest release (or just copy/paste next command):cd ~; sudo rm -r tgui_install*; wget
  2. Unpack and move to unpacked files (copy/paste the command below):mkdir tgui_install; tar -xvf tgui_install.tar.gz -C ~/tgui_install/ --strip-components 1; cd ./tgui_install
  3. Make it executable and run (silent means “I don’t want any questions, just reinstall please”, copy/paste command to complete reinstallation):sudo chmod 755 ./ ; sudo ./ silent
    Source code of installation/reinstallation code is here