Version 0.9.83

Aleksey Mochalin 2020-12-05

Release notes:

  • MAVIS LDAP Improved
  • Many bugs fixed

Many thanks to my customers, every fix was added to this patch!

More info

Now you can set User Group order. You can set Priority under User Group.


  1. а установка на CentOS 8 возможна или только на Ubuntu 18?

    1. Добрый день! Насколько я знаю CentOS 8 будет поддерживаться до конца этого года. Почитайте, CentOS закрывается.

  2. Hello, I’ve installed the ova and the version is 0.9.77, my infra have internet access only through proxy. If I’m trying to upgrade from the web interface I got the message “Error: Server Unreachable”. From the linux side the proxy is configured and internet access is working fine. How can I install the latest update?
    Thanks for your great job, anyway.

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