Version 0.9.82

Aleksey Mochalin 2019-10-18

Release notes:

  • ACL Export/Import
  • New API user group right – Add/Edit/Delete Object Address
  • Hide menu items if user does not have rights
  • LDAP Bind table now with Reference and Action columns
  • Some bugs fixed

More info

Now you can import/export ACL. More info about import fields you can find in ACL Fields Description section.

Menu items will be hidden if user doesn’t have enough rights.

New columns for LDAP binding table. Now you can see references and delete it from table.

Important! You can delete LDAP binding entry if it has at least one reference.


  1. Hi Support Team,
    Is TacacsGUI available for other linux apart from ubuntu like Debian 10.3?

  2. Hi Support team,
    it’s possible shared some documentation about add huawei devices ?

    1. Hello, Could you please update server to the latest version and try again.

  3. Hello,

    If you can please write if is possibility to turn on LDAPS connection on TACACS GUI to LDAP servers? I have latest version but in demo side I see that MAVIS LDAP tab has other functions like change LDAP to LDAPS. On my version 0.9.82 I have only TLS switch.


  4. Has the CSV device list import been removed? I cannot find it in the UI.

    1. Hello Mike,
      It is on the same place. Please click Action button (above device table) and select Import.

  5. Hi Aleksey,

    How can I check my installed verstion?
    how can I upgrade to version 0.9.802?

  6. Thank you I figured it out.
    To get version update I have saved API Key from API Settings > Upgrade in
    To check for availability of a new update click on API Settings > Upgrade > check Update

  7. hello Aleksey,
    mine is ver. 0.9.77, and my problem is that tacacs users can’t change their passwords.

  8. Hi, I have upgraded to 0.9.83 but tacacs users still can’t change their passwords. How to please?
    Thank you.

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