Version 0.9.76

Aleksey Mochalin 2019-08-13

Release notes:

  • Send random Local MAVIS password via email
  • Send OTP MAVIS password via email
  • Put hashed MD5 password

More info

There are more options for TACACS User Password now. List of all options with brief description:

  • Clear Text. Password will stored in clear text. Recommended to use for test only.
  • MD5. Password will be stored as MD5 hash.
  • MD5 (hashed). If you already have MD5 hashed password, you can just copy/paste it to user.
  • Local Database (MAVIS). Password will be stored in hash, but more secure that MD5 and user can change it via web interface or via CLI.
  • Local Database (MAVIS via email). Random password will be sent to user, user can finally change that password.
  • Get from OTP (MAVIS). One-Time Password for user (QRcode).
  • Get from OTP (MAVIS via email). Send QRcode with One-Time Password link via email.
  • Get from LDAP (MAVIS). For LDAP Authentication there is no need to create user, but in some cases to set some sophisticated options you can create LDAP user.
  • Get from SMS (MAVIS). One-Time Password via SMS

Example of email with One-Time Password QRcode.


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