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    Main Table
    You can sort the table by various parameters, and apply various filters.

    Main table of devices

    Add Device
    To add a device, you should click the "+ Add Device". In the menu that opens, you can specify the following parameters:
    • Device Name - is the logical name of the device.
    • Device Type - it is the logical type of the device. It has three preconfigured types: Router, Switch, Firewall, but you can set your type.
    • IP address - it is ip address of the device.
    • tacacs key - it is a key that will be used for setup secure communication between the device and the tacacs server. This key must match the key configured on the device.
    • enable password - it is a optional parameter, used to set enable password. Enable password can be stored as clear text or encrypted text, by default it will encrypted. Also you can paste already encrypted password, but before it you should select "Select if you have entered encrypted password" (you can generate encrypted password by using tac_pwd command in ubuntu).

    Also you can test reachability of device by function "Ping Check".

    Add device menu

    Edit Device
    Use "Edit" button to edit parameters of a device. "Edit Device" menu uses the same parameters as "Add Device" menu.

    Edit device menu

    Delete Device
    Use "Del" button to delete a device. The device will be deleted after your confirmation.

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