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    Main Table
    You can sort the table by various parameters, and apply various filters.

    Table contains two types of access rules:

    • Active Rule (white color) - usual access rule. By default all new access rule is "Active Rule".
    • Default Rule (yellow color) - this rule is used by default users. This rule can not be assigned to the average user, it can not be deleted or changed.

    Main table of users

    Add Access Rule
    To add an Access Rule you should click "+ Add Rule" and set the following parameters:
    • Name - it is just the logical name.
    • Privilege Level - authorization level for CLI session.
    • Type of access restriction:

        Allow All Commands - full access to a device.

        Set Allowed Commands - restrict access by allowed commands.

        Set Auto Command - set command that will executed after user log in.

    Add user menu Add user menu Add user menu

    Edit Access Rule
    Use "Edit" button to edit parameters of Access Rule. "Edit Access Rule" menu uses the same parameters as "Add Access Rule" menu.

    Delete Access Rule
    Use "Del" button to delete Access Rule. Access Rule will be deleted after your confirmation.

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