tacacs GUI plus

Step by Step Export OVA File ➞ Import to VMware Workstation 12

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  • 1st step

    Download tacacs GUI OVA file

  • 2rd step

    Import to VMware Workstation 12

    It's very simple.

    Menu File ➞ Open
    Menu File - Open

    Select the downloaded file
    Select Downloaded OVA file

    Specify the name of the imported virtual machine
    New VM

    Wait for the completion of the import process

    Start your virtual machine and view the network settings

    Default username/password to Ubuntu is tacacsgui/tgp

    By default interface is configured to obtain an address from DHCP but also it has a subinterface with address (in case you do not have DHCP server).

    Network settings

    Final test

    Now you can go to the tacacs GUI - http://<server ip address>/. Default login/password is admin/admin

    Final Test
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