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    Download Ubuntu image and tacacsGUI files

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    Install Ubuntu on server or virtual machine

    Basic Steps Ubuntu installation are reduced to a simple push button "Continue", "Yes", "Next", but there is also an important point with the installation of additional packages. At the end of the document, I described how to check the connection to the internet and how to edit the rights of sudousers.

    Initiate installation
    You should just initiate installation. In process of installation you should type hostname (any name), username (any username), password (any password). Go to the next point if you see "Software Selection" menu. Images below just for example.

    Initiate installation Type hostname Type full user name Type username for login Type password for login Configure the clock. Important!

    Software Selection
    Important! At this point you should select additional packages as shown in the figure below. Select OpenSSH server and LAMP server packages.

    Software selection. Important!
    Set MYSQL root password
    Important! You should set MYSQL root password, remember (or save) it for the next steps.

    Set MYSQL root password. Important!

    Waiting finish and reboot
    Install GRUB boot loader Reboot


    Test Internet connection
    For further installation, you will need an internet connection to the server, so you have to test the connection. To start test the connection with the ping -c 4, the further you have to test your DNS ping -c 4 ya.ru command. If the count of packets received is 4 in both cases, then the connection is configured correctly. Otherwise, you should look for the answer in the internet :(. I used DHCP server.

    Test Internet connection

    Sudousers Rights

    Add Sudousers Rights
    VERY Important! Some scripts should execute commands as the root user. You must specify the command to which the password will not be requested. You must run the command sudo visudo and then paste the text shown below to the end of the open file.

    Tip! Connect to the server using SSH (for example, putty can do that), execute command sudo visudo and just copy/paste code below.

    ####nopassword commands for tacacsGUI####
    www-data ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/service tacacs* , NOPASSWD: /bin/mount*, /bin/umount*, NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/pkill bmstart.sh , NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/pkill parseTacLog.sh, NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/pkill guiBackup_runn. , NOPASSWD: /bin/umount /var/www/tacacs/remotefs 
    ####nopassword commands for tacacsGUI####

    Sudo visudo commands

    On the picture above I used putty for set up ssh connection to the server, then execute the command sudo visudo, move cursor to the end of file and copy/past code above. To save sudouser file just push Ctrl + x and type yes.

    The system willing to the next step.

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