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    (Optional but highly recommended) Install HTTPS support

    The latest version of the script (https installation) can be found here .

    Prepare the script
    Upload archive with the script on the server, I recommend using a program WinSCP. We need to unpack the archive and make the script executable.
    tar -zxvf tacacsgui_https.tar.gz
    cd ./tacacsgui_https
    sudo chmod 755 ./https_install.sh

    You can see the hint by executing ./https_install.sh command with no arguments.

    Default state. You can always go back to using only http, for that execute the command sudo ./https_install.sh http.

    HTTP Setup

    To configure only https execute command sudo ./https_install.sh https.

    HTTPS Setup

    HTTP add HTTPS
    To configure http and https simultaneously execute command sudo ./https_install.sh httphttps.

    HTTP and HTTPS Setup

    Default Certificate
    A certificate required to operate https. You can use the default certificate but not recommended.

    The default certificate is issued to tacacs.gui name. To make the default certificate trusted you should:
    1. create DNS record - <server ip>tacacs.gui
    2. add Tacacs GUI Root Certificate to "Trusted Root Certification Authorities". Download public CA certificate here.

    DNS record for tacacs.gui added Certificate untrusted Adding root certificate, click 'Install Certificate...' Add root certificate to 'Trusted Root Authorities' Add root certificate to 'Trusted Root Authorities' After PC reboot https opens without errors Certificate trusted Google Chrome Certificate trusted

    Your Certificate
    You can add your own certificates. To do this, copy your certificate, private key and CA certificate to the directory with the script and use the command sudo ./https_install.sh https <your cert filename> <your privet key filename> <your ca_cert filename> (also works with httphttps installation).

    Personal Tacacs GUI Cert
    For any donation I can give you a personal certificate from our certificate authority. Certificates are issued for non-existent domains, such as .gui, .local, .mng etc. Fro more information write to developer@tacacsgui.com.

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