tacacs GUI plus

Backup Maker ONLY for Cisco devices

BMaker Configuration

By default, the Backup Maker is disabled. Before turning on "details" you should activate the user tacBackupMaker (not required, but is recommended to change the password). You can configure settings:

  • Backup Step - how often the BMaker should be backed up.
  • Start Time - you can specify the start time of the backed up process.
  • IP address of TFTP Server - here, the address of your tacacs server (!!this server!!), BMaker does not support other tftp servers.
  • Delete If Older Than - you can specify the time range after which the backed up copy will be deleted.
  • "Write" before backup - BMaker can save the configuration before backup.

When you click on "start now", "program" immediately starts the backup process, and then incorporated into a customized period of time.

BMaker Configuration

View backup files

Table "BackupMaker Device List" show all devices added to tacacs. creates a directory for each device, and they store the backups. You can view all the backups for a particular device by pressing the "View Backups". You can open any backup by clicking the "Open", the backup will open in a new tab of your browser, you can copy it or press the button Ctrl + s to save the text file.

List of devices List of backup files

BMaker Logging

In backup logging you can find:

  • When BMaker was connect to device.
  • Name of device.
  • IP address of device.
  • BMaker status. There may be three state values: S_SSH - Successfully SSH, S_TELNET - Successfully TELNET, F_SSH F_TELNET - Fail.
  • BMaker debug massage.

BMaker Logging

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