tacacs GUI plus is a graphical user interface for tacacs+ daemon. The word plus is used because it has useful utilities.

It is focused on Cisco devices.

Attention please :)

Network Engineer who made this project is searching for a new job. I'm open to any opportunity. Brief overview: knowledge of Cisco CCNP, PHP, Checkpoint, Fortigate. I live in Russia and ready for relocation. Also I want to upgrade this project to a new version with API. If you have any thoughts check out my CV or drop me an email: developer@tacacsgui.com

Now available version of the 1.5.0

These functions are available:

  • create and apply a configuration for daemon tac_plus
  • create authorization and accounting reports, exported to pdf or excel
  • https support
  • backup management with Backup Maker utility
  • auto find and store all subnets of your network in one database with Subnet Searcher utility
  • create network topology based on Cisco CDP by CDP Mapmaker utility
  • backup and restore tacacs gui configuration and logging

These features are planned:

  • Path Searcher finds a complete route between two nodes (hosts)
  • LDAP support

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